3 Deportation Tips

Do you have questions about deportation? Check out these 3 deportation tips for guidance, then call our New Jersey lawyer to get started.

What are the Options Available if a Minor Relative is Detained at the Border

  • 3 Deportation TipsThere is a program available called Special Immigrant Juvenile Program, which allows someone to attain a work permit and a green card.
  • The person must be under 21 and must be considered abandoned or neglected.

Remaining in the U.S If You Are Being Threatened by Gang Violence in Your Home Country

  • If you are from another county facing persecution, you can apply for asylum within one year of your arrival.
    • You can also qualify if your home country is involved in a revolution, religious discrimination or political issues in the country.
  • After filing for asylum you will be eligible to file for a work permit after 6 months.
  • If your asylum application was granted, you can face

Remaining in the U.S if You Have American Born Children

  • If you are of good moral standing and have children who are actively involved in the school system, you may be eligible to apply for a Cancellation of Removal.
  • You should also include documentation of your life in the U.S. and any U.S. born relatives.